Antares of Murstone Castle


* 07.02.2006

(Ch. Sultan Le Terrible des Mille Eclats des Tournesol x
Int. Ch., Lux. Ch., Dt. Ch., NL Ch., Österr. Ch.
Lady Lopez vom Erkelenzer Land)

CEA/PRA/Cat clear (DOK 2006)
hip-score “A”, MDR1 +/+, JRD -/-
44.5 cm / 17.5 inches
full dentition

BH (Begleithundeprüfung), OB I (FCI)
KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award
KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award

Our cuddly teddy bear

Right from the beginning we agreed on having more than just one Sheltie living with us. So two years after Fabio´s arrival our “No. 2” moved in: Nino.

Nino shares the same unfailing enthusiasm for working with Fabio – and he will run his feet off doing anything just as long as he can take part in it. Let him have a run through an Agility course, clear a Flyball hurdle or work on a lunge circle and he is happy. According to Nino all this can only be outdone by trailing. But he cannot only run like lightning, he also has a good head on his shoulders. His readiness of mind is impressing and he is a quick learner in Competitive Obedience as well as while shaping new tricks.
Due to health problems Nino cannot take part in competitions anymore.

In the normal course of life Nino is the most serious cuddler one can think of. So it is not surprising that he loves all sorts of people from the moment on he meets them cause there might be a chance that one succumbs to his distinctive charms and cuddles his belly.
When there are puppies in the house Nino enjoys to look about them and puts up with everything.