Our breeding follows the requirements of and is controlled by the Club für Britische Hütehunde within the German Kennel Club (VDH).

Our puppies are born and raised within the house and have close contact to us. From the third week onwards the members of our pack gain access to them, too, and visitors are very welcome. Depending on the weather the puppies are allowed to play (supervised) in the garden within the following weeks as well.

It is of great importance for us to prepare the puppies during their socialization process as far as possible for a life in the environment which we offer to our dogs as habitat nowadays. We also try to promote their existing potential to lead an active (athletic) life from the earliest possible date on.

We normally give off our puppies when they are nine weeks old. At that time they are microchipped, multiple wormed, and got their first inoculation. Moreover they are tested for CEA and a possible mutation of the MDR1-gene. All puppies have official papers.