Amberblaze Chase The Flame


* 27.12.2014

(GB Ch Rannerdale Bugsy Malone x
Irish Rose vom Erkelenzer Land)



gen. clear of CEA, CEA/PRA/Cat clear (DOK 02/2015),
hip-score “A1”, MDR1 +/+
38 cm / 14.96 inches
full dentition

BH (Begleithundprüfung)


The spoiled “Nesthäkchen”

Concetta – our spoilt little princess – is loved by all of our four-legged members of the pack. She is entertained and pampered all around by them.

It is not easy to describe her character. She is a little bit of everything: a natural sprinter as well as a cuddly little thing, reserved on the one hand, bold as brass on the other.

If Concetta had it her way life would be made up of two things: running and frolicking around with Giano or Fiamma or being cuddled for hours on someone´s lap.

Picking up pace she can reach such a speed, that it looks like she is flying across the meadows. Sometimes even Giano cannot keep pace with her. Fortunately she has a very good body control and is quite athletically otherwise many a walk would end with minor or major accidents.

In the beginning she is a little bit cautious of strangers, but from the moment forth she became acquainted with a person one cannot get rid of her. It is the same with unfamiliar situations: First she may act with reserve but soon the whole world seems to belong to her.

Concetta would certainly not refrain from her daily training sessions, too. Training Competitive Obedience I concentrate on the English rules not least because she shows a lovely, stylish heelwork. When she is doing Agiliy she learns very quickly and will not stand behind Giano. Especially when she is doing Cavaletti training her body-awareness is revealed and she even scores off her mother Fiamma in this task.