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Boy 1:   Amberblaze Easy Lazy Life   („SAMI“)

Today AMBERBLAZE EASY LAZY LIFE (“Sami”) moved to his new home. Fortunately, this is only a few meters away and Sami will not have to stay alone: He now lives with his uncle, AMBERBLAZE CATCH THE CHANCE (“Carino”), Concetta’s big brother.

We are looking forward to many, many hours together with the new dream team!

Bitch 1:   Amberblaze Every Inch A Lady   („WILLOW“)

Things are getting quieter here. Today AMBERBLAZE EVERY INCH A LADY (“Willow”) moved in with her new family. We are sure that our little “lady” will be spoiled there!

Bitch 2: Amberblaze Everlasting Flame   („ELLY“)

Today our always good-humored sunshine moved out, too. Little Elly, we wish you above all a lot of fun in your new life. And please stay as you are – then you will continue to capture the hearts of everyone you meet! We miss you very much.

Boy 2: Amberblaze Endless Dream   („CODIE“)