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We have had a week of obedience training with Uwe Wehner in Engen. The dogs enjoyed it …! Fiamma met her children Camillo, Giano, Concetta and Emilio, her grandchildren Siena and Nino as well as her second cousin Peppita. Pictures from the training week of Fiamma, Giano, Concetta and little Siena can be found in their galleries.




Thanks to the generous support of PLATINUM GmbH & Co. KG in Bingen (, we were able to provide more than 600 kg resp. 1300 lbs of dog food as first aid for the regions in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia affected by the flood disaster. The donation was taken over at a local collection point by the Oberwesel volunteer fire brigade and then transported to the crisis area.


On behalf of all fur noses affected by the disaster, Fiamma, Giano, Concetta & Siena say


to PLATINUM, the Oberwesel volunteer fire brigade and all supporters and helpers for their cooperation!




Fiamma got 11 years old today. Congratulations!

You can find new pictures of Fiamma here …!





Antares of Murstone Castle

07.02.2006 – 02.12.2020

Life did not mean it easy for you, and yet you always loved it.
Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our cuddly bear, puppy uncle and soul comforter.
The last few weeks have not been easy for you and us, but now you are redeemed. Your beloved Tamina is already waiting for you.
Farewell my cuddly bear, we will not forget you!


There is good news to report from Siena: yesterday we received the result of the evaluation of her HD X-ray. Her hip-score is “A”! This corresponds to the best possible categorization according to the regulations of the German Kennel Club.

Congratulations little girl!


2020-09-26 – 2020-09-27

We spent the last weekend in Wixhausen near Darmstadt and took part in a Cavaletti seminar with Steffi Rumpf. Despite the rainy autumn weather, Fiamma, Giano and Concetta had their fun …

2020-09-26 – 2020-09-272020-09-28T22:14:17+02:00

2020-08-22 – 2020-08-23

A Hoopers seminar with Angelika & Werner Augustin took place on the grounds of the Pfotentreff Hunsrück in Völkenroth at the weekend. Impressions of it can be found in the galleries of Fiamma and Giano.

2020-08-22 – 2020-08-232020-08-25T21:26:10+02:00


An obedience seminar with Uwe Wehner took place in Framersheim on the 15./16. August. New pictures of the event can be found in the galleries of Fiamma, Giano, Concetta and Siena.

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