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AMBERBLAZE DAY DREAMER (“Max”) once again had a successful weekend at the special breed dog show of the 1st SSCD in Wirges. On the first day he achieved a “V1” in the intermediate class under the judge Iris Reibert, on the second day a “V2” under the judge Joyce Manton. Congratulations to Angela and Martin!

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We used the weekend to take more photos. Click here for the results…

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We are already big shelties   and therefore need big tunnels… This and more can be found here

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Today the visit to the DOK doctor (ophthalmologist) showed that all four puppies of Concetta (AMBERBLAZE CHASE THE FLAME) are CEA-/PRA-/Cat-free and free of hereditary eye diseases.

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2018-06-07 (2)

This is what it looks like when we get “tired” after a long hot day in the garden puppy pen. More…

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