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There is good news to report from Siena: yesterday we received the result of the evaluation of her HD X-ray. Her hip-score is “A”! This corresponds to the best possible categorization according to the regulations of the German Kennel Club.

Congratulations little girl!


2020-09-26 – 2020-09-27

We spent the last weekend in Wixhausen near Darmstadt and took part in a Cavaletti seminar with Steffi Rumpf. Despite the rainy autumn weather, Fiamma, Giano and Concetta had their fun …

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2020-08-22 – 2020-08-23

A Hoopers seminar with Angelika & Werner Augustin took place on the grounds of the Pfotentreff Hunsrück in Völkenroth at the weekend. Impressions of it can be found in the galleries of Fiamma and Giano.

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An obedience seminar with Uwe Wehner took place in Framersheim on the 15./16. August. New pictures of the event can be found in the galleries of Fiamma, Giano, Concetta and Siena.



Agilitypark Mendig: an entire training hall used solely by the Amberblaze Shelties. Evidence photos can be found in the galleries of Giano, Concetta and Siena.



Fiamma is celebrating her 10th birthday today! Congratulations!