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Little Siena turned 6 months yesterday.  We used the wonderful spring weather to take a few photos of her …



Congratulations to AMBERBLAZE BY A LADY OF LAYASH (“Flame”) and her wifey, Lesley Lubbi. The two won 1st place with 17 points in obedience class NOVICE in the “Sheltie At Work” Obedience League 2019, organized by the Working Section of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club.




We are very fortunate in these difficult times that we can walk the dogs for hours in the woods surrounding our village without meeting anyone. And so there are new pictures to find in Siena’s gallery.



Just in time for spring we finally got some snow. So we just could not resist to take some photos of little Siena (21 weeks old) playing in the snow this morning.



As we just learned, the October issue of the British dog sport magazine DogSportsUK ( included a beautiful shot of little AMBERBLAZE BY A LADY OF LAYASH (“Flame”) as part of the coverage of the Lichfield & District Dog Training Society‘s (LDDTS) 50th anniversary Show from August 31 to September 1, 2019.  The picture was taken by Richard Moss (see gallery entry from September 2019).

Thank you very much for letting us use the picture as well as the magazine clipping on this homepage.

The original picture and the clipping from DogSportsUK can be found here.

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