Rivermist Travelling Pants


07.05.2013 – 22.10.2015

(Cz J Ch Eastdale Just A Dreamstone x
It Int Aut Ch Il Granaio dei Malatesta Abracadabra)

genotype: heterozygous carrier (N/CEA)
CEA/PRA/Cat clear (06/2013),
MDR1 +/-,
32,3 cm / 12,72 inches

Our little principessa …

Tamina was our sweet little whirlwind, who was always on the move. She knew three types of movement only: running, hopping and jumping – all of them with sedulous activity. She could only sit still when she was allowed to be on my lab in order to get cuddled.

Practising agility she was very eager to learn and absolutely fearless.

After Bijou´s untimely death, that she has been grievously hurt by, she was very close with Nino within our pack. He bravely humoured even her wildest play attacks and while on tour together he always acted like a true gentleman.

Until the end she doggedly fought against her medical condition with an inexhaustable energy. She was not willing to go already, yet still she was taken away from us much too early.