Check Concetta´s gallery for new pictures of her ...



New pictures of Concetta's sister Hope (Amberblaze Chase The Storm) are to be found here ...



Fabio and Giano enjoyed larking in new snow today (15.01.2017). Check for pictures in their galleries ... Fabio's gallery / Giano's gallery



Our trio left today! More ...



According to an ophthalmologic check-up performed by a DOK-specialist all puppies of Fiamma´s actual litter are free of hereditary eye diseases.



The first snow in 2017 ... More ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Amberblaze Shelties wish you all a Happy New Year. At the very beginning an important decision is made. More ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



What a wonderful winter sun at the end of the year. So we took the puppies to freah air for another tour! Pictures of the joint trip are to be found here ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Christmas without snow, let´s romp around in the garden! Click here for the newest pictures ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Fun and games in the garden. Click here for pictures ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Early X-mas gift: We got the results of the MDR1-tests of our boys today. All puppies are MDR1 +/+.



Shelties frolicking around in fallen leaves ... Please click here ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



We explored the garden again. Check here for the pictures ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Our "three boys" explored the garden again. Check here for the pictures ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



For new pictures of the boys click here ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



A warm and sunny day in December is something you have to use jointly. So the puppies went on their first excursion of the garden ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



The puppies`s adventure playground is open for 2 days now. Take a look at the puppies romping around with some of "the greats" ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



For new pictures of Litter D click here ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Today has been a great day for our trio. The three of them moved into the living room and met the rest of the pack. Click here for the first pictures ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Our "boys" have their own names now. For details and current pictures click here ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



For new pictures of Litter D click here ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



The first "puppy pen" of Litter D has been opened on 26.11.2016 ...

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Current pictures of Litter D from the beginning of the 2nd week (20.11.2016) are available here.

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Current pictures of Litter D (17.11.2016) are available here.

Please also take note of news-entry 14/2016.



Due to several questions, please, note:

All pictures of our progeny are to be found under the litter (A, B, C or D) and sorted by weeks of life and single days. For pictures of Litter D select the week (e.g. Week 1) and just click on a date (e.g. 14.11.2016).

A T T E N T I O N :

Due to technical problems the button for Litter D is not labelled. Select "puppies" and click the amber coloured space beneath the button for Litter C. Please accept our apologies!



The first pictures of Fiamma's puppies are to be found here.


A T T E N T I O N :

Due to technical problems the button for Litter D is not labelled. Please click the amber coloured space beneath the button for Litter C. Please accept our apologies!



Since November 12 2016 Fiamma is in company of three boys in her whelping box. Pictures will follow soon!



We are expecting puppies! For further information go to Litter D.



It´s Giano´s 3rd. birthday today (17.09.2016). Congratulations ...! For current pictures visit his gallery.



Impressions of a wonderful week full of training with Neil Short in Seibersbach can be found in the galleries of Fabio, Giano and Concetta.



On June 18th 2016 Concetta (Amberblaze Chase The Flame) passed her Begleithundprüfung (BH) on the site of the Rainbow Agility Team, Framersheim. Congratulations!



New pictures from our last visit to the UK can be found in the galleries of Fabio, Fiamma, Giano und Concetta.

We also took the opportunity to meet Giano's sister Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady Of Layash) again. Pictures of the reunion can be found in her gallery.



New pictures can be found in the galleries of Fiamma, Giano and Concetta.



News from Austria once more: Amberblaze Another Chance is gong to become father again. Keep your fingers crossed!



Our Fiamma is a great-grandmother now! "Rosalie von den Hausruck-Shelties" - a daughter of Amberblaze Another Chance ("Ciro") - gave birth to three beautiful Sheltie girls in Austria. Congratulations!

For more information and pictures of litter Y² go to:

And here are some more news from Austria: Ciro will become father again if everything goes well. He has mated the bitch "Chiquita of Cherryglen" (repeated mating).



Today (March 18th 2016) my special boy Fabio celebrates his 12th birthday - and still enjoys life to the fullest! Current birthday pictures are to be found in his gallery.



Phantastic news: Concetta´s sister Hope (Amberblaze Chase The Storm) was hip scored "A1", too (the best possible result according to the German system).



Phantastic news: Concetta was hip scored "A1" (the best possible result according to the German system).



New pictures can be found on the cover page and in the gallery of Concetta.



New Pictures can be found in the gallery of Giano.



New Pictures can be found in the gallery of Fabio.



New pictures can be found in the gallery of Concetta.



Sporty autumn. New pictures can be found in the galleries of Giano and Concetta.



Some more new pictures of Concetta.



New pictures of Fiamma, Giano and Concetta can be found in their picture galleries.



In the last two weeks all and everything toppled down on Tamina, but she used all her energy that was so immanent in her to fight doggedly against it. That gave us hope again and again.

But last night (22.10.2015) her small gentle body could not find adequate strength anymore.

R.I.P. little principessa.

Gaby & Udo



In the course of our last short trip to England (18.-20.09.2015) - with astonishing late sommer weather - my girls got the following show results:

Fiamma Reserve in Post Graduate Bitch at the Darlington Championship Dog Show under judge Frank Kane and Second Place in Novice Bitch as well as Post Graduate at the Eastbourne & District Canine Society Open Show under judge Val Winfield (Oakcroft Shelties).

Concetta got Second Place in Minor Puppy at the last-mentioned show.



On Sunday (13.09.2015) Fiamma took part in an English Obedience competition in Windach, Germany. In class "Novice" she became fifth (Judge: Neil Short). Starting for the first time in class "A" she became fourth (Judge: Susi Huber)!

All results can be found here:



End of August: Obedience training with Neil Short for a whole week in Seibersbach, Framersheim and Bad Kreuznach, Germany! A few impressions can be found in the galleries of Fabio, Fiamma, Giano and Concetta.



Last weekend (02.08.2015) Fiamma and I went to Mannheim Sheltie-Show. Again Fiamma became second in Open Class with a V2-weighting (= excellent) by judge Petra Bartz.

For all results (in German only) and pictures from the show go to:



A new success message concerning Camillo (Amberblaze A Flaming Star): With 218 points he gained a nice "very good" (SG) in Class I (FCI) at the Obedience-Festival for small breeds in Bockenheim. Congratulations!



What a stirring weekend for the Amberblaze-Shelties!

On Saturday Giano (Amberblaze Believe In Magic) and Concetta (Amberblaze Chase The Flame) scented the air of a Sheltie-Show for the first time ever (Wirges I). Both showed themselves quite nicely and the Italian referee, Susanna Malacrida, graded them SG2 (= very good) (Giano) resp. vsp1 (= promising) (Concetta). On Sunday (Wirges II) Concetta was joined in the ring by Fiamma (Irish Rose vom Erkelenzer Land). The referee was Cathrina Dunne (Longrange-Shelties) from the ROI, who marked Concetta vv1 (= very promising). Fiamma became second in Open Class with a wonderful V2-weighting (= excellent). She succumbed to the later BOB-bitch only.

A real nice surprise was the attandance of Blaze (Amberblaze Always A Chance) and his people.

Show results and pictures can be found here:


But Amberblaze-Shelties worked successfully in the obedience-ring too:

Camillo (Amberblaze A Flaming Star) took part in his first Class I competition (according to FCI-rules) at the district championships in Bad Kreuznach. He made a very good score and was graded SG (= very good)!

We got pleasant news from England. Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady of Layash) was placed for the first time on Sunday! At the Andover & District Dog Training Society she became fourth in Novice Bitch under Judge Ross Huey.


Congratulations to you all !!!



There are new pictures in the galleries of Giano and Concetta.



Fabio became second in Class C at yesterdays (14.06.2015) DOS-tournament in Engish Obedience, Fiamma reached a sixth place in her first round in Novice.



On May 16th 2015 "Amberblaze A Flaming Star" (Camillo) really lived up to his name. Taking part in an competitive obedience tournament he scored an "excellent" in "Beginner Class" (FCI) and is now qualified for "Obedience Class I" (FCI).

Congratulations to Camillo and Marita!



First impressions of our current trip to the UK are to be found in the galleries of Fabio, Giano and Concetta.



Good News concerning Amberblaze Chase The Flame: our little Concetta is genetically clear of CEA!



On March 21st. 2015 Giano successfully completed his first obedience competition: he gained an "excellent" in Beginners and is now qualified for Class 1.

As always it has been a nice and relaxed atmosphere at the HSV Sprendlingen. And the competition was organized at best.



When the full solar eclipse of March 20th. 2015 was over and the sun was shining in full strength again we took a photo session with Fabio, being 11 years old in the meantime, Giano and the leggy Sheltie-gazelle called Concetta. You find the pictures in the galleries of Fabio, Giano and Concetta.



Fabio´s souvenirs from England:

The "Quaich Trophy" of the ESSC for the best veteran sheltie in any level obedience classes in 2014 and the "ESSC Obedience Section Trophy" for the sheltie and handler gaining the most points in any KC Obedience Show in 2014 (together with Tracey Baudains and her sheltie Carolelen Cause A Dilemma).

Furthermore a rosette for the first place in the ESSC Working Section Obedience League for 2014 in class B and second place in class Novice.

And all of this despite the fact, that we only entered a handful of shows.



Today - 03.03.2015 - we received the test results from Laboklin: all three puppies are tested MDR1 +/+!



Our Giano ("Amberblaze Believe In Magic") passed his Begleithundeprüfung (companion dog examination) today - March 1st 2015 - at the first go althought he had paused training for nine weeks because of our puppies.

Many thanks to the Obediencefreunde Limburg-Weilburg for allowing us to take part in the examination!



Congratulations! Well done! Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady Of Layash) has passed her K.C. Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver on February 23rd. 2015.



Some new pictures taken on Ash Wednesday. The puppies had a lark but it strained the nerves of the photographer.



Amberblaze Chase The Flame is now called Concetta - and she will stay with us! More ...



In the meantime we swaped the snow in the garden for fog and mist, as one can easily detect in the new pictures of the puppies ...



Our first steps in training heelwork positions ... here ...



... some more pictures taken in the snow ...



Girlsday at today´s photo shooting. Have a look ...



Despite the stress factor "puppies": a new picture of Giano can be found in his gallery!



After removing parts of the snow we asked the puppies out into the garden for their first trip into the white latitude. Especially our "boy" was fully taken up by the white world around him.

Some more pictures of the "girls" will follow soon!



We tried to take some pictures in stand position on the table today - with varying success. Have a look at the xresults of effort ...



New pictures of litter C ...!



Current pictures of day 2 of our exploration of the adventure playground together with Fiamma, Nino and Giano can be viewed here ...



Our adventure playground which is located in the annex has been opened today (24.01.2015) and we explored it extensively together with Fiamma, Fabio and Giano. Pictures of our first trip can be viewed here ...



For more pictures of Fiamma's puppies go to ...



For new pictures of Fiamma's puppies go to ...



Fiamma's puppies were Born on 27.12.2014! For more information go to Litter C.



We are expecting puppies! For details go to Planned litter.



We got some wonderful news today (23.11.2014): Fabio and I are nominated as reserve team for Team Germany at the Obedience World Cup at Crufts 2015!!!

I deem it an honour for my one and only - despite the fact that he will become 11 years old just a few days after Crufts. Oh my God, I am so proud of my sweetheart!

Lots of thanks to the team for putting so much confidence in us.

Crufts 2015 - here we go!



On Nov. 22nd 2014 Giano finished his first training round in "Novice" during the obedience competition in Kerkwijk (NL). I got the impression that he did enjoy it as much as I did. Here we go!



25.10.2014 - Fabios first start in English Obedience "Class C" in Kerkwijk (NL) under judge Ian Frazer (UK). What shall I say? My dear fellow got ahead of himself again: he has been highly focussed and at the top of his game in every second - but if wishes were horses, the decoy in scent discrimination would not have smelled that good. So he could have possibly done even better than the unbelievable third place (!!!).

Fabio, I deem it an honour, that I was allowed to handle you; I enjoyed every second!



Another litter after Ciro, Amberblaze Another Chance, was born 4 weeks ago in Austria. Chiquita of Cherryglen, a bitch living in the kennel "of Pheasant Lane", was mated with Ciro for the second time and gave birth to 2 bitches on 17.09.2014. Congratulations!



Today (08.10.2014) we got the official result of Giano´s hip score screening: A1 (optimum score according to the classification system of the German Kennel Club). We are delighted at this result of the examination!



Tamina´s coat is regrowing again, so we took the opportunity to put some new pictures of her in her gallery.



Today (20.09.2014) Fiamma won her class (FCI class II) with 271 points and the value judgement "excellent" at an obedience show arranged by HSC Hürth-Rheinland (Judge: Uwe Wehner).

We are now looking forward to a prolonged whelping-break during winter time (hopefully!). And we will wait and see what happens afterwards with us in obedience.



Giano got a very special present for his first birthday: a trial lesson in herding. Fiamma joint him. In the beginning he was a little bit halting, but he finally showed much interest in sheep. So we seriously take into consideration to go on with the lessons. Fiamma was not that keen on sheep, but fancied runner ducks much more. So she implied that she is a herding dog nevertheless.

Pictures of this thrilling experience are to be found in the galleries of Giano and Fiamma.



Finally - after more than three months we can move back into our house!!! No more camping in the garden. The telephone is working and you can contact us via landline again.



Giano attended his first ringcraft training on Sunday (24.08.2014). Thanks to Carolyn Brack for the wonderful day and the pictures (here ...).



Again we are proud to announce a litter after Ciro in Austria:



Today (13.07.2014) Fiamma started at the comparison between the Netherlands and Germany, an obedience show we use to attend traditionally. It was her first start at a great obedience show and she did very well. There were 24 starters in class II (but only 9 teams succeeded) and she has won the first place. The second start of my little cutie in class II, the second "excellent" (although she got zero points for her retrieve over the hurdle because of the fact that she felt that the dumpbell was a little bit too big and too thick) and the second triumph!


Many thanks to the judges, Daniela Walzer (GER) and Dirk Belder (NED), and the organising committee of this fabulous tournament! We are looking forward to come back next year - than again in the Netherlands.


For all results go to:



Fiamma excelled herself today (6.7.2014): We started at the district championship in competitive obedience. 32° C muggy heat, her first start in FCI obedience class II during the biggest midday heat and besides three weeks without any proper obedience training at all she got the amazing result of 292.5 out of 320 possible points, the mark "excellent" and the first place in her class. Hence she is now already qualified for FCI obedience class III !!!

Gosh, I am soooo proud of my little girl! But for sure I will go on starting in class II with her, till both of us get really confident and consistent in all exercises.



At the Wirges Sheltie Special Show on July 5th. 2014 Fiamma again came second place (V2) in the Open Class Bitches under judge Josef Hartich.



At the Gevelsberg Show Fiamma came second place (V2) in the Open Class today!

There are more good news to tell: Camillo (Amberblaze A Flaming Star) passed the Begleithundeprüfung at the first go. Congratulations!!! Marita and Camillo you are an absolute Dreamteam!



Fabio came first place in CLASS B in Freising today (22.06.2014) and as a consequence thereof has left CLASS A. The judge was Peter van de Felde from the Netherlands. For results and picture follow these links: and




ATTENTION: The summer residence of the Amberblaze-Shelties and their two-legged Family.

Following a severe water-pipe burst in the ceiling of the kitchen last week the ground-flour of our house is uninhabitable at the moment and has to be refurbished completely. Luckily our garden is quite huge, hence we moved into a caravan for the coming months. We hope that at least our sheltie pack will enjoy this kind of "adventure holiday"!

By the way, given the circumstances it might be difficult to contact us during the coming eight to nine weeks. You can try via landline. If we do not answer, please, send us an e-mail. We will try to check our account regularly. Nevertheless it might take somewhat longer until you will receive an answer from us! We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Please, keep your fingers crossed, that we will have a dry summer without downpours ...


Gaby & Udo





The Amberblaze-Shelties are back home and have tons to catch up on. But let´s take one thing at a time:


22.05. Family get-together in Ashford:

Fabio, Fiamma and Giano as well as the rest of the Amberblaze Shelties visited little Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady Of Layash) at her new home. For Pictures click here ...


24.05. Unbenched AV Championship Obedience Show, Exeter Dog Training Club, Cullompton:

Fabio competed in CLASS B today under Sheila Legg and reached a fantastic third place. Thank you for this wonderful birthday present my dear fellow. Check for the results on: under Show Reports / 24.05. / 'B' (Dog & Bitch) Part 2.


24.05. Sheltie Training Camp Weekend, Chilworth:

Great news from Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady Of Layash)! Being 8 months old she passed the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award. Just like her parents ...


26.05. Sherborne Castle Country Fair 2014, Sherborne:

At the Country Fair at Sherborne Castle Fiamma won the NON-SPORTING-CLASS under Linda Jones. Later on three Shelties dominated the FUN OBEDIENCE COURSE, too: Fabio, Fiamma and Giano! The judge was Barbara Riste.


27.05. Lydensign Cottage, Hemyock:

Fotoshooting with our little Italian girl in the garden of "our" Cottage. For some pictures click here ...


30.05. Obedience Training in Cwmbran:

No stay in the UK without some training with Neil Short in Wales! For pictures of Fabio click here ..., of Fiamma click here ... and of Giano click here ...


01.06. Southern Counties Championship Show, Newbury Showground:

Unbelievable, but true ...! Fiamma won the "Maiden Bitch" class under Kari Järvinen, Finland, at the Southern Counties Championship Show. For pictures click here .... Many thanks to Val for helping me with the grooming.


03.06. Dunster Castle, Dunster:

A wonderful day in the same setting. An impressive castle with a medieval gatehouse and a garden of the same bloom. For some postcard pictures of Fabio click here ... and of Fiamma click here ...


07.06. English Shetland Sheepdog Club Open Single Breed Show (Centenary Show 1914-2014), KC Building, Stoneleigh Park:

Fiamma was placed VCH in the NOVICE BITCH CLASS under judge Jan Moody at the Centenary Show of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club! For results go to, for some Pictures soon click here ...

Furthermore Fiamma and Giano passed the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award at the show.



Except a ten minutes break it has been raining in torrents all day long. We took the opportunity to do a short photo session with Giano in the garden. You can find the pictures we took in his gallery. Because of the fact that Fabio still is our No. 1, we could not resist some of his pictures, too. Go to his gallery to have a look at them.



Our litter A turned 2 today (May 9th. 2014)! Congratulations! Here ...



Tamina turned 1 today (May 7th. 2014)! Congratulations! New Pictures of her can be found here.



Today (April 6th. 2014) my little sweetheart Fiamma has had her first try in FCI class I at an obedience competition. Though we do agility predominantly she decided she wants to train competitive obedience at times and I entered her at this competition just for fun. Hence I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the day that Fiamma got 268 out of 280 points and the grade “exellent” which meant first place in class 1. She is now qualified to work in FCI obedience class II!

What I am most proud of is the fact that she was focused, concentrated and worked with full motivation throughout the whole competition.



This weekend (Mar. 22nd. 2014) Fabio again took part in a competition organized by the Dutch Obedience Society in Kerkwijk in the Netherlands. Starting in Class A for the second time he won his class judged by Roy Page (UK). Starting in Class B for the first time he came close to a second triumh but made a sligt mistake. So he came second place under judge Bronwynn Bartley (UK). Full results will be published soon:



Today (18.03.2014) Fabio turned 10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY BELOVED BOY! I hope to get the chance to experience some more wonderful years together with you!

In view of the occasion new Pictures are to be found in Fabio´s gallery.



New pictures of Fiamma and Giano to be found in their galleries. For Fiamma´s pictures click here, for Giano´s pictures click here.



New pictures of Tamina and Giano to be found in their galleries. For Tamina´s pictures click here, for Giano´s pictures click here.



All good things go in threes: Fiamma became grandma for the third time! A beautiful litter of puppies after Ciro (Amberblaze Another Chance) was born in Austria. For further information go to:



Last weekend (Feb. 22nd. 2014) Fabio won Novice Class in a competition organized by the Dutch Obedience Society in the Netherlands. What a day! Starting in the next higher class (Class A) he could win this, too.

Judge in both classes had been Helen Mead (UK). For full results go to:



You will find new pictures of Fabio and Giano in their galleries. For Fabio´s pictures click here, for Giano´s pictures click here.



Something intangible has happend today on January 22nd, 2014. After a long fight but then all of a sudden we had to take farewell of Bijou. We cannot find the right words, but life without him by my side seems to be unthinkable.



At the second weekend of January Fabio took part in a competition hosted by the  Dutch Obedience Society in Kerkwijk (NL) and won the Beginner class for the second time. Furthermore he became second at his first start in Novice!



After a long journey Flame arrived at the home of her new owners in England. More ...



Fiamma became grandma again! A second litter after Ciro (Amberblaze Another Chance) was born in Austria: 2 dogs and 2 bitches! Congratulations and all the best for the mother and her puppies. For more information and some pictures go to:



For new pictures of litter B go to Giano´s webpage and to Puppies!



Here are the results of the CEA genetic tests of litter B: Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady) is genetically clear of CEA, Giano (Amberblaze Believe In Magic) is CEA +/-.



Here are the results of the MDR1 tests of litter B: little Giano (Amberblaze Believe In Magic) is MDR1 +/+, his sister Flame (Amberblaze By A Lady) is MDR1 +/-!



Giano has a web page of his own now. More ...



Fantastic news: Amberblaze Believe In Magic & Amberblaze By A Lady are both CEA/PRA/Kat-clear as well as free of hereditary eye diseases (DOK 11/2013)!



The die is cast: Amberblaze Believe In Magic ("Giano") will stay with us! Amberblaze By A Lady ("Flame") will move to the UK soon!



We got some good news from our litter A again: Camillo (Amberblaze A Flaming Star) was hip-scored A2!



The puppies moved into the living room yesterday. Some sunny spells allowed us to do a short trip into the garden today accompanied by the whole pack. This might have been on of the last chance before winter. You can find some new pictures here.



Look for the new subpage of the Amberblaze-HP. Please, go to Offspring.



Terrific news from Austria: Ciro (Amberblaze Another Chance) became father for the first time on 25.09.2013 and made Fiamma grandma of three! Congratulations! More ...



Fiamma´s puppies are 1 week old now. For new pictures go to litter B. More ...



New pictures of Tamina have been added to her gallery. More ...



New pictures of Fabio´s & Fiamma´s puppies. More ...



On 17.09.2013 Fiamma has given birth to two healthy puppies! More ...



We are expecting puppies ...! More ...



New pictures of Tamina have been added to her gallery! More ...



Fabio´s page has been updated and a new picture has been added. More ...



What an ambiguous weekend - wonderful on the one side, a little bit sad on the other one. On July 14th. 2013 Fabio defended his previous year´s title at the Dutch-German-Natins Cup and won his group (FCI class III) - with fabulous 309 points! By doing so he pulled his weight to an overall victory of the German team.

Nevertheless there are some mixed feelings concerning this weekend - wondeful on the one side, a little bit sad on the other one. It was Fabio's long scheduled retirement from FCI-Obedience competitions! I would never have dreamed of such a graceful and wonderful occasion to dismiss my one and only. I would like to express my cordial thanks to all my coaches, referees and colleagues who helped me to school Fabio. They were good times! But do not worry: Fabio will not be bored, because we will go on practising English Obedience for a while.



'Tis early practice only makes the master ... More ...



Amberblaze Shelties proudly present: Rivermist Travelling Pants - called Tamina - our new member of the pack! More ...



We got some phantastic news from Austria once more: according to an official health certificate from June 2013 Amberblaze Another Chance ("Ciro") is free of HD, OCD and ED!

Owner Bettina Puschnegg and we are very pleased with these health data.



We got some real good news from Austria: Amberblaze Another Chance ("Ciro") achieved two V1 (excellent) in junior class at the International Dog Show in Klagenfurt on 1th. and 2nd. June 2013.

Congratulations to little Ciro and his owner Bettina Puschnegg!



Fabio has been elected "Sportsdog of the Year 2012" of the Baden-Pfalz Branch of the Club für Britische Hütehunde at the Wiesental Special Conformation Show on April 28th. 2013! More ...



New pictures of Fiamma can be found in her gallery. More ...



New pictures of all dogs can be found in their galleries.



The CRUFTS 2013 OBEDIENCE WORLD CUP pages have been updated. More ...



We made use of the vernal weather at christmas and took some pictures of Fiamma whose coat is still growing. More ...



Last weekend Amberblaze Another Chance was shown at the IHA Wels, Austria. On his second show he received his second vv (very promising). Congratulations little Ciro!

For more information and new pictures go to:



Now that the 2nd Sheltie Obedience Weekend with Peter Lubbi is over again you can find some pictures taken during this weekend in the OB-Event / Gallery 2012.



And here is this weekend´s icing on the cake! Having successfully managed the BH-test (Begleithundprüfung) two weeks ago, I decided just for the devilment to give it a try with Fiamma in Competitive Obedience. In a nutshell: we worked through a ten days crash course in Competitive Obedience and today we started in FCI-Beginner Class - because "normally" we do train Agility only. And the result: She has gained an "excellent" and won her class with 284 of a maximum score of 320 points! If we would not have messed up the sit on the move ... Being a prim and proper Sheltie-Princess one cannot sit down on a tramped down molehill, because one would get a dirty bottom.

Yet again we proved what a Sheltie is able to achieve - who is surprised that Fiamma follows the example set by the other dogs?



Fabio achieved a wonderful "excellent" at the competitive obedience tournament of the HSV Sprendlingen. Among seven competitors he came second place and was only outdone by one - my little Bijou!

Starting for the first time in FCI-Obedience class III Bijou scored fabulous 283.5 points. Thanks a lot to all those people who have help me so much during the last weeks.

Bijou I take endless pride in you!

Congratulations to Andrea Härter with Lille, too. She became third and completed the sable coloured Sheltie trio on the winners´ podium!



Fabio is called up for the German Obedience World Cup Team for CRUFTS 2013.

Thanks a lot to the team for the confidence placed in us!



After a five months period without training because of her pregnancy and rearing the offspring I - having too much motivation - enroled Fiamma for the next Begleithundprüfung (BH / which means "traffic-sure companion dog test") in our dog club. We finally managed to get an appointed date we were not on holidays, Fiamma was not in season or shown ...

As is right and proper for a Sheltie, she managed the BH-test without any problems while our boys kept their paws crossed!

Gaby Recker



Training again at last: new pictures in galleries of Fabio and Bijou taken during the training with Uwe Wehner at the Hundesportzentrum Mariazell (Eschbronn, Black Forest, Germany)



On June 29th. 2012 Fabio and I took part in our first competition after a long break because of Fiamma´s puppies. We instantly won the competition in FCI class III in the 1st. Obedience Competition Netherlands - Germany organised by HSF Ratingen 1959 e.V.

Many thanks to the organisers and the kind Dutch and German referees!



New pictures of Bijou in his gallery!



Our house is empty again ... all puppies arrived at their new homes. Today Amberblaze Always A Chance, the last of the Gang of Four, moved to his new family ...