Amberblaze Believe In Magic


* 17.09.2013

(Magic Monty vom Erkelenzer Land  x  Irish Rose vom Erkelenzer Land)


free of CEA/PRA/Kat (DOK 11/2013),
genotype: heterozygous carrier (N/CEA),
hip-score “A1”, MDR1 +/+,
39,0 cm / 15.35 inches,
full dentition

BH (Begleithundeprüfung), OB I (FCI)
KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award
Class Novice (Obedience KC)


Mister Irresistible

Fabio´s son - planned in the long run he finally is around! Apart from being a look-alike of his mother he absolutely resembles his father.

One can recognise this by an awful lot of small things in day-to-day life. He just has to imitate his shining example named Fabio.

Undergoing obedience training he tries to follow in his father's huge footsteps - and that´s for sure: he has got what it takes! Being well-adjusted, cuddly and affectionate in everyday life, you cannot stop him when the switch is flipped to working mode. It is an incredible joy to work with Giano.