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2019-10-12 (2)

It is all the more gratifying that the two other puppies are developing well. They are strong and sturdy and enjoy Mama’s milk bar extensively. Despite the worries about the little bitch the two consistently manage to bring us a smile in the face.

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2019-10-12 (1)

A week has passed since Concetta gave birth to her puppies. It was a very exhausting and worrying time for us, because we hoped to save the little Bitch 1 until the last second. She was so small and yet full of life. But in the end it was not enough. She passed away this morning. Concetta took lovingly care of her until the very end.

Small “Piuma” in our hearts, your place will always be a very large one.

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Dear Visitor,

due to technical problems the English version of this website is not fully functional unfortunately at the moment. The photos of the puppies of litter F are currently not available. We hope that the malfunction can be corrected as soon as possible.

Until then, you can easily have a look at the images in the German-language version of the HP. Just click on GERMAN and then select WELPEN (= puppies), F-WURF (= Litter F) and 1.WOCHE (Week 1).

Sorry for any inconveniences!



On October 5th Concetta smoothly gave birth to three puppies: two bitches and a boy. Concetta is fine and she is a very good and caring mother.

News about Concetta’s offspring will be available here and under Litter F.


2019-09-25 (1)

We are delighted to announce that AMBERBLAZE EVERLASTING FLAME (“Elly”) successfully passed her companion dog exam in the first attempt. Congratulations to the little whirlwind and her great handler!

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